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The transportation sector has always been our company's cornerstone! With our extensive knowledge of the industry, we know the right candidate for any position. Whether you need a teamster, driver, material handler or director, our agency has been successfully filling these positions for nearly 30 years.

Emploi Transport Routier


Because of the constant retirement rate, the transportation industry is, and will always be, looking for new, highly-qualified candidates. Teamsters, mechanics, trailer technicians, etc.: our agency offers great career opportunities.

logistics and handling

Logistics and handling

Value chain and supply chain globalization has significantly increased demand in the logistics and distribution sectors. Optimizing division of labour and collaboration among business units from different parts of the world brings a new dynamic to the industry. In this context, handlers and drivers have a completely new, and more important, role. If you need more employees in your warehouse or distribution centre, contact us today.

Coordination and management

Coordination and management

At Extra multi-ressources, we know how essential the coordinators and managers in your business operations are. It goes without saying: for a flawless internal operation, you need highly-competent people in those positions. We are committed to finding the right administrative, coordinating and managerial staff for your company. Recruiting the best people is the key to good internal operation and your future success.

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