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Extra Multi-Ressources is a placement and recruitment agency in Trois-Rivières. Our team’s goal is to meet your needs in the placement and recruitment of qualified personnel.

To better respond to your needs, our recruitment agency specializes in several different fields of activity. For almost thirty years, we have supported companies and workers in their search for transport and administration jobs.


3340, rue Bellefeuille
Trois-Rivières (Qc) G9A 3Z3

Téléphone 819 697-3555
Télécopieur 819 697-0049



    Our experts

    Solid and proven expertise in the recruitment and selection of human resources.

    Jessica Asselin

    Supervisor - recruitement

    819 697-3555

    Mathieu Brière

    HR advisor

    819 697-3555

    Yves Bellemare

    Team leader - recruitement

    819 697-3555