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Our mission

We want to contribute to the success of individuals and companies by finding highly-qualified human resources, offering a range of efficient and personalized services and developing training programs adapted to the needs of each worker and organization. This means establishing a relationship of trust and collaboration with our clients that evolves into a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership!

The story of Extra Multi-Ressources


Foundation of Proroute

Creation of the company that serves transport companies with class 1 drivers.

Foundation of Pro Extra

Expansion of the company which decides to extend its horizons to Quebec and the east of the province.

Foundation of Chauffeur Express

Expansion of the business in Mauricie and in Centre-du-Québec.

Foundation of Gestion Transroute

Consolidation of the service offering by offering a unionized environment to customers.

Foundation of Centre de Formation

Creation of the service to individuals and businesses to consolidate the already growing credibility of the company.

Proroute et Pro-extra become Extra Multi-Ressources

Merger of the two entities to broaden the range of services and offer a strong employer brand.

Acquisition of Formalourd

Consolidation of the training offer to companies to support the development of the Training Center.

Acquisition of RCI Canada

Expansion of the company towards international recruitment to support our customers in the labor shortage.

The true of the false on personnel agencies

A placement agency cannot charge workers fees for their assignment with a client company, or for training or assistance provided in the hiring process (for example, writing a CV).

A placement agency cannot offer workers a lower salary than that granted to employees of the client company who perform the same tasks in the same establishment solely on the basis of their employment status (for example, because they are paid by an agency or usually work fewer hours per week). If your company carries out more than one activity, this obligation only applies to salaried staff assigned to staff rental contracts.

A placement agency cannot prevent a client company from hiring a worker beyond six months after the start of their assignment.

Some agencies like Extra offer benefits such as group insurance, one statutory holiday more than labour standards require, a pension fund and a REVER.

Personnel agencies are there to help you find the ideal job that meets your criteria and requirements. Once the assignment has been accepted, the agency will email you the name of the client company, the duration of the assignment, the salary and the job description. The agency will also confirm your acceptance of these in writing.

It varies based on the positions and agreements with the client company. However, that doesn’t mean you have to work for the agency forever or change jobs.

Personnel agencies are there to help you find the ideal job in a single meeting. But as with all jobs, there is a candidate selection process. If you don’t match the company profile, the agencies don’t have to make you work.

No, personnel agencies are not non-profit organizations. They are private companies that recruit and place staff within their client companies. They must respect the selection criteria established by their client companies. This is not a place for obtaining advice on changing careers or writing a CV. Although agencies can advise you on how to perform well in an interview, it is not their purpose.


Centre de formation Formalourd

Extra is a training center offering courses in road transport.

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A 24-hour transportation team across the America

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