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Our approach

Our advisers all have extensive experience in human resources management and know-how acquired in a variety of industries. You are therefore assured of our full collaboration and more importantly, of a precise understanding of your corporate issues.

A rigorous recruitement process

In addition to making recommendations that suit your needs, Extra Multi-Ressources can take care of every stage of the hiring process. We screen the files and references of all the candidates to offer you only the ones that meet all of your requirements and criteria.

In a period of labour scarcity, we make every effort to find the ideal candidate. We use conventional means such as display or targeted research, and also the creativity of our recruitment teams, who are adept at using innovative sources and recruitment methods.

Process :

  • Implementation of the recruitment plan according to the influx of interested profiles.
  • Search for candidates (agency files, ad broadcasting, direct approach, etc.).
  • Selection of candidates, interviews and assessment tests.
  • Presentation of selected candidates with detailed professional summaries and selection reports.
  • Private interview with the people selected. (If necessary, we can advise you on the preparation of this meeting. Our consultants will be happy to attend if you wish, in order to give you their impressions afterwards.)
  • Development of the candidate’s integration plan. (Professional support and training as needed.)
  • Final assessment before the end of the probationary period.
  • Discretion, trust, action and respect are essential, both for our clients and for the candidates.

Executive recruitment

As key decision-makers and true guardians of a company’s strategic orientations, senior executives and managers are resources that need to be recruited with a great deal of skill and rigour.

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Quebec Personnel Recruitment Service

Being prepared for executive recruitment!

Extra Multi-Ressources is known for the quality of its search, approach and executive recruitment for Quebec businesses operating in a variety of industries. Our advisors make it their goal to understand your specific needs and corporate issues. They will give you the most appropriate recommendations and put you in touch with individuals whose experience and skills will make a difference in your organization. You can expect discretion, respect and expertise from our recruitment professionals.

The search for external executives follows a rigorous process according to the mandate entrusted to Extra. Each search is unique and requires a flexible and specific approach. We use four main strategies:

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We are carrying out active research involving a targeted and direct approach to executives who are currently employed.
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We use our constantly updated network of references to optimize our search for executives (community workers, business networks, professional orders and associations).
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We also use our website for posting online positions by performing natural and paid SEO campaigns on search engines.
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Finally, we also publish our offers in the traditional way through various daily newspapers, magazines and job sites for executives.
Our advice attract employees job market

Our advice

The job market has changed a lot in recent years. It is clear that employees have very specific desires for the job they want to do and that these desires will guide their decision to choose one job over another. The employer must be more transparent regarding the reality of his business and involve his employees in its success. This will have an attraction effect on its future employees.

Extra Multi-Ressources agence recrutement temporaire

Temporary recruitment

Whether you need to staff short or long-term positions, meet a period of high demand, find vacation replacements for holidays, manage absenteeism or respond to a growth challenge, our work methods quickly free you from the multiple steps and issues related to recruiting human resources. As your ally, we guarantee a rigorous and complete placement process that will effectively address your issues of the day.

Extra Multi-Ressources agence recrutement permanent

Permanent recruitment

We will find the candidate you need. Make the right choice by entrusting your mandate to our experts in personnel recruitment and placement. Our priority is to understand your needs. As a member of the Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services (ACSESS), we pledge to uphold the highest code of ethics and standards. ACSESS memberships ensure that client companies, candidates and employees will always be treated with professionalism and with full respect for the confidentiality of their information.

Extra-provincial transport service

Let us lead the way your upcoming extra-provincial transport from Ontario to New Brunswick.

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Extra-provincial transport service - Extra multi-ressources

An approach based on the industry’s needs

Large companies in the Quebec transport market are facing ever-increasing equipment and manpower needs. We offer a service that considers your time, resource, and budget constraints.

  • Truck and qualified driver
  • Pick-up before the trip
  • Trailer exchange

We adapt our offering to your regular or one-off needs.

Transport is our business

For over 30 years, Extra multi-ressources has been providing transport services customized to the industry’s changing needs.

We recruit qualified employees trained according to the standards in effect.

We take care of your transport needs.

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