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Retention after recruitment: The keys to success in retaining talent.
Recruiting the best talent is a challenge in itself, but the true success of a company lies in its ability to maintain this preciously acquired talent. As companies invest time and resources to identify, attract, and recruit exceptional candidates, post-recruitment retention becomes just as critical, if not more so. Indeed,...
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Executive recruitment: what are the best strategies to adopt?
Recruiting senior executives can be a complex process. When you have an executive position vacancy within your company, it is essential to adopt an effective organizational search strategy to attract quality candidates. With new realities like remote working, recruiting can present additional challenges. Here are some tips to help you...
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Recruiting the right candidates in an era where potential employees are looking for meaning and well-being
Recruiting in the era of the quest for meaning and well-being is a major challenge in the search for labour. Deploy the right HR marketing strategy with Extra multi-ressources.
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3 tips for answering the most common interview questions
To ace your job interview, personalize your answers, use examples and be prepared! In this way, you'll easily answer recruiters' most frequently asked questions.
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What are the most in-demand accounting jobs in Quebec and average salaries offered in 2023?
All accounting jobs are in demand and pay well; from payroll clerk to supervisor, accounting technician and chartered accountant, prospects are excellent in Quebec.
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Becoming a truck driver is easy!
Becoming a truck driver is a great way to break into the transport industry. It’s a stable job that pays well and offers excellent career growth potential. However, you’ll need to have specific qualifications and complete the necessary training to become a truck driver and be the ideal candidate. Here’s...
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