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How to prepare for a spontaneous telephone interview?
Here’s a good tip: rather than missing the interview and regretting it, ask to set up another time to speak so that you can prepare. 
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Organizing your job search in 2022
List all the details about the positions in which you’re most interested, as well as the factors that would make you choose one company over another. Consider partnering with a specialized recruitment firm that can put its considerable strengths to work for you.
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Choosing the right job for you
No longer happy in your current job? Reluctant to go to work in the morning? At certain points in your...
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Which logistics jobs offer the most potential in 2022?
Logistics offers job seekers many opportunities. Due to the current Quebec labour shortage, many companies have open positions. If you’re...
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Having two jobs at the same time: good or bad idea?
In Canada, 5.7% of workers, or just over one million people, held more than one simultaneous job in 2018. As...
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The benefits of opting for a temporary position
Not ready to embark on a full-time career? Having trouble finding a job that suits you? Temporary or contract work...
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