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Recruiting the right candidates in an era where potential employees are looking for meaning and well-being

Recruiting the right candidates in an era where potential employees are looking for meaning and well-being

As the labour market revolution continues, how can you, as an employer, compete and fill your positions effectively? 

The different generations (Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z) are becoming more and more demanding, especially in view of the current labour shortage. Keeping in mind your company’s financial health, how can you reinvent the staff attraction, recruitment and retention process? 

Moreover, how can you respond to their need for meaning and well-being, the new DNA that defines most job seeker requirements?

Is your sector one of the main 6 sectors affected by the labour shortage?

According to Institut du Québec data, the industries most affected by the labour shortage between 2019 and 2021 were the following:

  1. Accommodation and restaurants
  2. Health and social care
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Retail
  5. Professional, scientific, and technical services
  6. Construction

These sectors alone account for 80% of the 238,050 vacant positions in Quebec. This figure has remained similar since then and represents an 88% increase in vacant positions compared to 2019. It’s unsurprising, therefore, that recruitment is so difficult. 

In fact, just over 45% of vacancies remain unfilled, even after 90 days. Where are the candidates? That fact is that most of them are already employed. The unemployment rate clearly shows this. 

New recruitment challenges

You’re already well acquainted with the major challenges caused by the pandemic and the inflation that has followed in 2023. 

  • The new teleworking reality and especially the fear of losing this advantage (saving on gas, clothes, time, etc.)
  • Mass retirement
  • The financial difficulties of many companies that are still struggling to recover from the ordeal
  • A radical shift in thinking regarding well-being at work, especially with the crisis in the health and mental health sectors
  • Redefining life priorities
  • Almost 20% more absenteeism than before the pandemic
  • Inexperienced staff due to numerous career changes 

This is without counting all the newly hired employees who leave even before the first year with the company, putting additional pressure on recruitment budgets.

Implementing a new HR marketing strategy

HR marketing is taking on a new dimension. Companies need a solid strategy to stand out from the crowd and attract candidates?

It’s a bit like customer service; for too long now, companies have been trumpeting that they provide excellent service. The best service in town! 

As a result, customers now demand even more. They want to be recognized and shown how the service is better than that provided elsewhere. And they have plenty of choices between you and your competitors.

Therefore, as an employer, it’s up to you to avoid generic descriptions when recruiting. Take this one, for example:

“Excellent benefits, competitive salary, dynamic and friendly working environment, social activities and free coffee…”

You should move away from this repetitive formulation and develop one that truly represents your company. 

Well-informed candidates

Be transparent, especially in your HR marketing. Your candidates have done a lot of research on all the job search platforms. 

They know their value, know how to look up wage statistics and can easily download salary guides from reputable sources.

Also, they check social media daily, including LinkedIn, which provides accurate and valuable information about their next professional role. They’ll come prepared. 

So share the actual facts with them to build trust from the outset.

Prove that you’re exceptional

You must show (not tell) potential employees why they’d want to stay with your company using figures and examples.

  • What exceptional benefits do you offer? A 4-day week, shorter summer hours, real work hour flex time, more family leave than elsewhere?
  • Against what data is your salary considered competitive? And what does “based on experience” mean? Do other monetary incentives exist, such as profit sharing or referral bonuses? 
  • What types of social activities are offered, and how often are they held?
  • What does a “friendly” environment represent? How does it manifest in everyday life?

Filling your available positions with the right candidates

Finding a candidate can already be a feat in some cases. Hiring qualified applicants is even more work. You could likely do without all the hassle. 

Whether or not you have an HR department, when you partner with Extra multi-ressources, you benefit from support and guidance for temporary or permanent recruitment to fill all your vacancies, including executive positions. 

Together we can develop an effective HR marketing strategy to help you build your team quickly.

Are you a job seeker? Check our job postings.

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