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What are the most in-demand accounting jobs in Quebec and average salaries offered in 2023?
All accounting jobs are in demand and pay well; from payroll clerk to supervisor, accounting technician and chartered accountant, prospects are excellent in Quebec.
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Over 20 lesser-known jobs in the transportation industry
Transportation has seen a significant boom in the wake of the drastic changes in consumer online shopping habits triggered by the pandemic. However, the sector encompasses much more than deliveries and supply transport. It’s easy to forget that this sector of activity is more than just the trucking trade. It...
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Organizing your job search in 2022
List all the details about the positions in which you’re most interested, as well as the factors that would make you choose one company over another. Consider partnering with a specialized recruitment firm that can put its considerable strengths to work for you.
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When’s the best time of year to recruit?
Fall often seems to be a good time of year to recruit new employees. However, this isn’t true for all companies and industries. The truth is that there’s no right or wrong time to recruit. Everything depends on your human resource needs and workload. The key is planning your recruitment...
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Why it’s important to build good relationships with colleagues
Most of us spend more time at work with our colleagues than at home with family and friends. If you have poor relationships with your colleagues, your happiness at work and even your productivity could be negatively impacted. Therefore, building healthy relationships with your colleagues is essential and offers many...
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Why should you use a recruitment agency?
Recruiting employees can be a major challenge for companies in times of labour shortage. The transport and logistics sectors are no exception. Indeed, they’re especially affected by this shortage. Fortunately, recruitment agencies like Extra Multi-Ressources can help you find the best candidates for your vacancies. Here are a few ways...
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