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When’s the best time of year to recruit?

When’s the best time of year to recruit?

Fall often seems to be a good time of year to recruit new employees. However, this isn’t true for all companies and industries.

The truth is that there’s no right or wrong time to recruit. Everything depends on your human resource needs and workload. The key is planning your recruitment strategy carefully so that you hire the right people for the right job.

Think ahead!

An efficient recruitment process means knowing how to think ahead. Don’t wait for an employee to leave or for your team to be overwhelmed before you start your candidate search.

Ideally, you should start your recruitment process before you pass the break-even point. Exceeding this threshold could lead to problems such as disorganized teams, employees going on sick leave, increased employee stress and reduced morale; it could even affect your company’s reputation.

When to start the recruitment process?

A few clues can help you determine the best time to start your search for new employees:

  • Your calendar is very full.
  • You have to turn new customers away.
  • Your company is experiencing strong growth.
  • You want to offer new products or services and need someone with specific skills.

Bottom line: there is no best time of the year to recruit. Everything depends on your needs and goals.

How long does it take to recruit new employees?

The time needed to recruit employees can vary depending on the type of position to be filled.

Keep in mind that recruiting executives takes more time given the nature and importance of the positions.

Recruitment turnaround time can also be affected by the availability of candidates in the market, the unemployment rate, and other external factors. The most important thing is not to hire someone too quickly just because you have a vacancy to fill.

Hiring a recruitment agency

Is recruitment causing you headaches? Entrust the hiring of your future employees to a recruitment agency like Extra Multi-Ressources.

With Extra, you have access to experts with in-depth knowledge of the job market who’ll find the best candidates for you.

Contact us to meet your recruitment needs.

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