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What are the best executive recruitment strategies?

What are the best executive recruitment strategies?

At times, the executive recruitment process can be complicated. When you need to fill an executive position in your company, it is essential to have an effective executive recruitment strategy to attract resumes from qualified candidates.

Recruitment may prove more difficult than usual given the current pandemic and the realities of teleworking. Here are some tips to help you recruit executives for your business.

Preparing the job offer

Preparing and drafting the job offer is the logical first step in this process. To guarantee an efficient candidate search, make sure you draft the job offer carefully to attract only the top candidates.

To this end, make sure the job title, description and requirements, and the application procedure, are clear and precise. Remember also to indicate what documents candidates must provide when applying for the position.

Posting your offer

You need to advertise the position and give it visibility to recruit executives. You can post it on job sites, your website or even on social media platforms.

Using a variety of recruitment tools can be highly effective and provide even greater visibility. However, you may also get a high volume of applications in a short time. In such a case, you’ll need to sort through the resumes you receive to kick off the recruitment process with only the best potential candidates.

Screening candidates

You should pre-screen candidates before interviewing them. This process involves contacting them by email or telephone, administering tests or requesting their portfolios. Then, you can begin interviewing the selected candidates.

Executive recruitment strategies for senior management positions must be conducted conscientiously and carefully. The successful candidate will embody your employer brand, so it is important to choose someone whose values match those of the company.

Contacting the successful candidate

Once you’ve found the ideal candidate to fill your executive position, it’s time to make an offer. If it is accepted, you’ll need to send this candidate the necessary documentation and have them sign their official employment papers.

A recruitment firm like Extra Multi-Ressources can help you through every step of the executive recruitment process. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

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