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2021 recruitment trends

2021 recruitment trends

2021 will definitely be a year shaped by the aftermath of the global health crisis, which has been ongoing for many long months, as well as by the lack of manpower in a number of sectors, which has compelled companies to reinvent themselves and adopt new recruitment tactics. Here are a few recruitment trends for 2021.

Focus on soft skills

Behavioural, interpersonal and values skills constitute a candidate’s soft skills. In today’s world, recruiters value these skills more than technical skills, which are considered to be of secondary importance.

Recruiters are therefore looking for new talent that can adapt to the corporate culture and work well with their new colleagues.

Recruit internally

Sometimes the best talent for the job is right in front of you. Internal recruitment yields many benefits. Your employees are already familiar with the company and its culture and processes. Also, internal recruiting is a way to show your team that career advancement opportunities exist within your company.

This type of recruitment process is one of the most effective and inexpensive. However, bear in mind that you will most likely need to fill the position of the person being promoted.

Leverage your employer brand

Make sure your employer brand is clearly articulated so that you can convey it to potential candidates and convince them to work for you. Whether it’s blog articles, social media posts or any other type of communication or marketing activity, remember to think about the long term and evolve your strategy as your company develops.

Draw on innovative recruitment methods

Attract new talent by being original and thinking outside the box. Forget about traditional job interviews. Set a challenge for your talent that will help you assess both their soft and technical skills. 

Consider holding a job dating event or creating serious games tailored to your field of activity and the position to be filled. The more original your recruitment process is, the more candidates will remember you and the more they’ll want to work for your company!

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