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Job market: sectors that will be recruiting in 2021

Job market: sectors that will be recruiting in 2021

The health crisis has been changing the job market for over a year now. Given the rapidly accelerating transition to telework and labour shortages in many sectors, many companies face significant hiring challenges.

As a result, employment opportunities are different this year, with some sectors experiencing greater staffing needs.

Labour shortages in transportation and administration 

The pandemic has increased the need for labour in many sectors. In particular, the transportation and administration sectors are looking to fill a host of vacancies. While most available positions are at the management level, companies are also looking for other qualified workers.

Growing demand for IT employees

Jobs in information technology are also in high demand. Almost all companies now need these experts.

Lack of warehouse labour 

As online shopping has increased significantly over the past year, there’s also a high demand for warehouse labour. Companies are mostly looking for employees to stock and manage inventory, deliver merchandise, and work in customer service positions.

Many sectors are facing labour shortages

Other sectors experiencing labour shortages include healthcare, web design, construction and education. Housekeepers are also in high demand in 2021, mainly due to the pandemic.

Attractive benefits for new talent

Given the critical labour shortage in some sectors, companies sometimes offer significant incentives to attract talent.

These incentives can consist of several weeks of paid holiday on job entry, a competitive salary, or frequent salary increases (every six months, for instance). These are only some examples of incentives; many companies have already rolled out these and other benefits to stand out from the competition.

Given the labour shortage, recruitment agencies currently play a key role in helping companies fill positions. Agencies assist them by tailoring the scope of the talent search, interview and hiring process to their clients’ needs. 

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