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How to pick the right recruitment agency?

How to pick the right recruitment agency?

The ongoing pandemic has impacted many sectors and industries. While some companies’ operations have had to shut down, forcing them to lay off workers temporarily or permanently, others have faced an urgent need for additional labour.

Picking a recruitment agency from all the choices available can be a difficult task. It’s also essential to make the right choice to avoid nasty surprises.

Choosing an ethical recruitment agency

The first step before partnering with an employment agency is to ensure that the agency uses ethical protocols. In recent years, a number of placement agencies that engage in questionable practices have been exposed. Even if they only constitute a minority, the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CHRP) stresses that it is important to ask the right questions of employment agencies before settling on a final choice.

Asking the right questions

Here are a few questions to ask employment agencies to learn more about their internal processes, values and policies to help you make an informed choice.

  • Does the agency employ unethical practices, such as charging candidates a fee for placement?
  • How is recruitment carried out? Is it based on candidates’ skills? Is it designed to avoid discriminatory bias?
  • How is confidential candidate data managed? Are candidates kept informed at every stage of the process?
  • Are the responsibilities of the agency and the employer vis-à-vis the workers clear?
  • Given the current situation, has the agency implemented any health measures? Does the agency ensure that candidates understand and comply with these measures?

Don’t forget that recruitment agencies must also hold a CNESST permit and that they must respect their obligations in this area. Feel free to ask agencies to provide proof that they hold this permit when you do your research.

In general, agencies that have a code of ethics do everything they can to ensure a sound and ethical placement process for candidates. However, some agencies may adopt unethical practices, which is why it is important to choose your recruitment agency carefully before associating with them.

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