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Organizing your job search in 2022

Organizing your job search in 2022

Preparation and organization are the key to making the most of the days you invest in your job search. In addition, these skills will serve you well in any future job. You might as well put them to work right from the get-go.

If you need some preparation before you begin your search, check out our blog to find out how to choose the right job.

Track your efforts

Using an Excel spreadsheet is still the best way to keep track of your job search. Alternatively, you can use a table in any word processing software.

List all the details about the positions in which you’re most interested, as well as the factors that would make you choose one company over another.

Moreover, this process will also help you quickly reference detailed information about a job should you receive a call for an initial job interview.

Basic columns of your table

  • Application date
  • Company name
  • Position
  • Summary of and link to the job description
  • Salary (if known)
  • Contact name and details

Additional columns to better target your search

  • Factors that attract you to each position
  • Features you like less
  • Type of company (SME, NPO, agency, etc.)
  • Keywords for the skills sought

Features of a CV guaranteed to catch recruiters’ eye in 2022

Did you know that the keywords of the jobs you select are now more important than ever before? They allow you to determine the skills most often sought after in the type of position you’re seeking and offer excellent clues to help you update your CV.

Indeed, recruiters now use robotic applications that sort resumes based on relevant job keywords. If yours doesn’t contain any of these keywords, it will never be selected.

Whether it’s skills, years of experience, or qualifications, pay particular attention to the keywords and be sure to include the most important ones in your CV and cover letter.

Useful tip

Keep several versions of your CV and cover letters on hand. In each, highlight the elements of your professional background that are relevant to a specific type of job.

Beware of offers posted to multiple sites

Job sites exist. Some are specialized in specific sectors or industries, such as HR, marketing and communications, administration, accounting, construction, or healthcare.

However, some companies will post job offers on more than one site, since many sites, including Jobboom, Jobillico and Indeed, are general. Pay particular attention to the positions you apply for, so that you don’t apply more for the same position more than once. This is one case where making a list of positions you’ve applied for comes in very useful.

What to do if haven’t found anything on the job boards

It’s possible that after a few weeks of job searching you won’t have gotten the results for which you were hoping. However, you’ll already have taken important steps to identify your expectations.

Consider partnering with a specialized recruitment firm that can put its considerable strengths to work for you, including:

  • Thorough knowledge of employers, positions, and expectations.
  • Suggestions for jobs that match your profile.
  • Information you won’t find on job boards, such as the salary scale and specific possibilities for promotion.

Good luck with your search!

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