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5 recruitment trends for 2022

5 recruitment trends for 2022

Recruitment has become a major challenge for companies in recent years, particularly due to the pandemic and the shortage of labour in many sectors. As a result, recruiters are using new methods to attract candidates.

Here are the top five recruitment trends for 2022.

1. Recruiting junior candidates

More and more companies are hiring candidates with little or no experience to train them internally for their new job. Junior candidates are excellent employees. Not only are they eager to learn, but they offer new perspectives on your company’s challenges.

Junior candidates who undergo training at their new workplace become more familiar with their environment and the equipment used in their job.

2. Building on a strong employer brand

Having a strong employer brand has two significant benefits. First, it improves employee retention; second, it makes it easier to recruit new talent.

In the transport industry, where the labour shortage is acute, a strong employer brand is all the more essential to promote recruitment and stand out from competitors.

3. Encourage work-life balance

Many companies consider it essential to ensure their employees can easily reconcile their work and family or personal life. For instance, in the transport, handling, and logistics sectors, employees enjoy work-life balance thanks to flexitime.

4. Offer the option of telework or hybrid work

In the wake of the last two pandemic years, telework has become more popular than ever. In some industries, working from home or hybrid work is now the norm and will be offered to employees who prefer this way of working. New tools and technologies are helping to make this possible.

5. Attract candidates with new benefits

Naturally, candidates view salary as an essential element when applying for a job. However, it isn’t the only element they consider. More and more employees are placing greater importance on other company benefits, including:

  • Flexible working hours
  • The presence of a social committee
  • The possibility to choose their place of work
  • The vacation offering
  • Fringe benefits
  • Etc.

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