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Many job opportunities in transport in 2022

Many job opportunities in transport in 2022

Due to governmental restrictions related to the pandemic, the transportation, materials handling, and logistics industries are greatly affected by labour shortages. As a result, employment prospects are excellent for new graduates and job seekers.

The following are the main transport, materials handling, and logistics jobs available in 2022.

Transport jobs

The road transport industry has been experiencing a labour shortage for several years now. With the pandemic and restrictions on truck drivers, there may be even more jobs available in the coming months.

Completing specific training courses can make it easier to get a job in the transport industry, such as the DVS in Trucking, the Class 1 licence or the Class 3 licence. Job prospects for new graduates are typically excellent.

The most sought-after positions in the transport industry are:

  • Truck driver
  • Class 1 driver
  • Delivery driver
  • And more

Each of these jobs offers promising prospects for talent wishing to move up the ranks in their company and into a more senior position in the coming years.

Materials handling jobs

In materials handling, the most popular job is that of forklift driver. The main tasks of this job are loading and unloading trailers, but drivers are also responsible for handling, counting and storing goods.

To become a forklift driver, you must first pass the forklift driving training course.

The prospects for this occupation are very interesting, with jobs as a carrier, warehouse operator or manager in the warehouse sector.

Jobs in logistics

The two most common logistics-related jobs in the transport industry are transport dispatcher and customs broker.

However, other jobs are in demand at many companies:

  • Warehouse supervisor
  • Warehouse clerk
  • Receiving and dispatch clerk
  • Production team leader
  • And more

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