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How best to prepare for a job fair

How best to prepare for a job fair

Due to labour shortages, companies must work harder to recruit the best candidates. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t need to set yourself apart from the pack. Standing out from the crowd is still essential to make it to the interview stage with any company.

At job fairs, you can meet company representatives and sometimes even the person in charge of recruitment. You need to do more than just hand in your CV and shake hands to make a good impression. Here’s how to prepare appropriately before a job-related event.

Target the companies that interest you in advance

Usually, any employment event website includes a section that tells you about the participating companies and at what booth they’ll be located.

You’ll optimize the time you spend at the event by targeting positions and companies in advance. Moreover, once you’ve toured targeted booths and had a chance to chat with prospective employers, ask questions and hand in your CV, you’ll be able to canvass other companies you’re interested in, even if they don’t have any open positions for the time being.

Do some basic background research on target companies

Don’t walk up to someone representing a target company without doing some basic background research on the company. Ask yourself:

“If I’m forcing myself to do this task and find it a chore, why do I want to work for this company? Is this where my real interest lies?”

While you want a future employer to be interested in your application rather than someone else’s, companies want to hire people who are committed, curious, proactive, involved, and interested in their reality.

Some articles suggest you take an extensive tour of the company’s website, mission statement, vision and values, history, industry and more. However, we think you’re better off focusing on any features that reflect your values. This way, you’ll retain information much more easily and naturally.

Plan to make the most of your day

Make it a priority to plan your day at the job fair. You will only have time to make a full circuit if you set up a minimally structured plan. Here are a few things you can do to achieve your goals for the day and also help you follow up afterwards.

  • Make a list (or take screenshots) of each company and position you are interested in to check them off as you make your way through the event.
  • Take the business card of each person you meet. Then, if you get a callback, you can refer to it.
  • Prepare general or more specific questions to show prospective employers your interest. Before you approach someone, refresh your memory so that the interaction will be more natural.
  • Thank each person and ask about the appropriate timeframe to follow-up on the selection process. Don’t hesitate to ask this question and take note of the answer, as this shows not only interest but initiative.

For practical follow-up tips, read our article: Organizing your job search in 2022.

Get to know yourself before presenting yourself

Handing a prospective employer your CV without being intimately acquainted with its contents could play tricks on you if they take the time to sit down with you and ask you questions.

Review your employment history and each work experience, list your best skills and draft a short bio of the person you are at work. Finally, think how you would answer the question: “How would your colleagues/superiors describe you?”

Present yourself in the best possible light but be yourself. Recruiters’ eyes are quick to detect those who are playing a role rather than being transparent. Of course, professional attire is the order of the day, but also make sure you’re comfortable, as it’ll be a long day.

Extra multi-ressources still has several positions at all hierarchical levels to fill across many industries, including transportation, accounting, administrative support, skilled trades, warehousing and manufacturing, engineering and call centres.

Come and meet us at our next job fair!

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