Truck driver : a job for those who love the open road

Truck driver : a job for those who love the open road

Trucking is a fascinating, challenging and constantly evolving field. Is trucking right for you? Learn more about the skills required to become a truck driver.

Willing to work long hours

You must be willing to work long hours to be a truck driver.  Long routes are often scheduled, and several thousand kilometres must be covered. Because truck drivers often need to drive long distances alone, they must be prepared to stay awake and alert for long periods of time, day and night.

In some cases, pairs of truckers are trained to drive in alternating shifts. While one drives the truck, the other rests in the back of the truck. In such cases, breaks are few and far between.

Have a flexible schedule

Although some trucking jobs offer stable schedules, many truck drivers are required to work variable hours. They may be required to drive at night or during the day. For many truckers, the workweek may be as long as 60 hours.

Liking variety

The truck driver’s trade allows you to travel and see the country. Often, it offers different routes and itineraries that allow truckers to explore new things all the time. There’s little room for routine in the life of a trucker!

Having a perfect driving record

Of course, you must have an impeccable driving record to be a truck driver. When driving, you must demonstrate several key qualities. Truck drivers must be:

  • Cautious : Caution is always required when a driver is behind the wheel of their truck. They must also be careful before they get underway by making sure their truck is ready to go.
  • Courteous : Truck drivers not only share the road with other truckers but also with the motorists, pedestrians and cyclists they pass along the way. Therefore, they must make sure they are respectful and think about the safety of other road users.
  • Able to adapt to road conditions : rain or shine, truck drivers must be able to adapt to all the weather conditions they encounter.
  • Alert : to avoid accidents, collisions or skidding, truck drivers must always be ready to react. They must stay focused, attentive to the road and ready to respond to all contingencies.
  • Autonomous : as they are often alone in their truck, drivers must be autonomous. In some cases, they must plan their own route and adapt it in the event of a delay, an accident or construction.

Job opportunities

With many truckers rapidly nearing retirement, new employee recruitment is progressing rapidly. Career prospects for new entrants are bright.

Truck driving is the ideal profession for people who love to travel, are willing to challenge themselves and appreciate variety.

Think you’re cut out for a career as a truck driver? Contact the Extra Multi-ressources team to learn more about the job opportunities available to you!

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