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Truck drivers in high demand in 2021

Truck drivers in high demand in 2021

‘Truck driver’ is one of the most in-demand logistics jobs in 2021. The same was true in 2020, mainly due to changes in consumer purchasing behaviour.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, consumers are choosing to shop online and have their orders delivered to their homes. As a result, transport jobs, such as ‘truck driver’, are in high demand to deliver goods to homes and supply shops and businesses.

When you become a truck driver, you’re guaranteed to find a job fast because of the many vacancies in this field. Moreover, salaries are increasing in this sector to attract new employees. Since this is a trade that requires little schooling, it can be a great career opportunity that offers an excellent salary.

Truck driver prerequisites

For many truck driving jobs, you need a simple driver’s licence. However, to get a job as a Class 1 driver, you’ll need a Class 1 licence.

Some companies may require you to pass specific courses or undergo training relevant to the position for which you’re applying. The DVS in Trucking is a complete training course that allows you to become a truck driver once successfully completed.

The trade’s main tasks

As a truck driver, you may be called upon to drive heavy trucks over varying distances. Sometimes the routes will be from one city to another; other times, you may have to drive through several regions or provinces.

Before leaving, truckers must plan their trip and route and obtain the necessary documentation if required. They must also inspect their vehicle and the goods they are transporting to ensure they comply with the laws and regulations of the trade. Truck drivers may also need to load and unload cargo.

Qualities a good truck driver needs

A good truck driver stays patient behind the wheel and respects the laws of the road. They must also be able to handle stress and fatigue, have good dexterity and be resourceful, alert, and able to deal with the unexpected.

Finally, truck driving is the ideal job for anyone looking to quickly find a job that pays, requires little education, and allows them to discover new horizons!

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