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Videoconference interviews: the secret to a successful Zoom, Meet or Skype job interview

Videoconference interviews: the secret to a successful Zoom, Meet or Skype job interview

Job interviews aren’t always easy. And these coronavirus pandemic days, candidates have no choice but to adapt to virtual job interviews, as employers appreciate how practical they are.

Being interviewed by videoconference can be stressful, even more so because this new process wasn’t in wide use previously. The preparation required is the same whether you have a Meet, Zoom or Skype interview.

Put all the chances on your side to get the job of your dreams by following our judicious advice!

Be careful to choose the right environment

First, be sure to choose a quiet room in which to sit during the job interview. Ideally, no one should disturb you during the interview, either by making noise in the next room or walking behind you. Inform your family and friends that you’ll be busy being interviewed by videoconference so that you aren’t interrupted and, above all, appear professional in front of the interviewer.

Also, don’t hesitate to modify your decor a bit to make it look good on camera. You may want to add a lamp close by so that you’re well lit.

Wear an appropriate outfit

You may be tempted to pair a clean shirt with sweatpants. After all, no one will see your legs, right?

We advise you to avoid this type of clothing to prevent your interviewer from seeing you dressed this way if you have to get up during the interview for some reason. Instead, choose clean, professional clothing that’s comfortable and gives you confidence. Also, we recommend not donning a suit and making sure you don’t wear too much jewellery or makeup. Instead, choose simple garments so that your interviewer isn’t distracted by your attire.

Test your electronic devices

It would be a shame if communication with your contact person for the interview was hampered by a bad connection or a defective electronic device. Test the camera and sound on your computer before your interview. We also recommend that you use earphones or headphones to avoid having an echo during the videoconference.

Once you’ve made sure that all your equipment is working properly, test it with your family or friends on the platform you’ve chosen for the interview, whether it’s Google Meet, Skype or Zoom. Get to know it and test the different features, so you’re ready for your interview.

It’s also essential to test your internet connection. Make sure it’s stable and secure in the room you’ll be in for the interview. If necessary, change rooms to ensure a better connection.

During the virtual job interview

There are certain things you should pay attention to during your interview. First, your gestures and facial expressions can say a lot about you. Make sure to show interest in what your interviewer is saying by keeping your back straight and always looking at your screen.

When it’s time for you to speak, make sure you always finish your sentences and avoid stammering and moments of hesitation at all costs. Speak with conviction and try to draw connections between your qualities and skills and the job you want.

Don’t forget to turn off your mobile phone and put away anything that might distract you during your interview. Once your interview is over, take the time to thank your interviewer for their time by sending them a short email.

If you keep all these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to make an excellent first impression during your videoconference interview on Google Meet, Zoom, Skype or any other platform.

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