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Why it’s a good idea to foster collective intelligence at work

Why it’s a good idea to foster collective intelligence at work

Collective intelligence means understanding that problems are more easily solved as a group than in isolation. It’s also a concept that business leaders increasingly favour.

In concrete terms, collective intelligence makes it possible to achieve bigger goals by using a unique approach to group thinking. The aim is to mobilize everyone’s knowledge to stimulate creativity and achieve better results. While everyone needs to be involved for the concept of collective intelligence to work, a good leader is also essential.

How does collective intelligence benefit your company?

Why should you implement the collective intelligence concept in your workplace? Because developing collective intelligence in your employees represents a considerable competitive advantage. For each person, it’s about being part of a team and contributing to a common thought process to get the best out of each person. In effect, your teams can pool all their knowledge to achieve objectives and get even better results.

How do you implement collective intelligence in a company?

Your team’s collective intelligence will develop if it is led by a hands-on, democratic leader. The leader needs to position himself as a facilitator and allow everyone to express themselves freely. Therefore, the leader fosters a culture of listening and discussion between the members of the team.

A good leader also encourages their employees’ creativity. If more than one solution or method is proposed for a given project, the leader will take the time to analyze them and involve his team in the decision. In this way, collaboration and team spirit are valued. In short, it is intended that everyone should be able to contribute their point of view and participate in the decision-making process.

In general, employees work better under the supervision of a hands-on, democratic leader. They feel motivated and important in their work, which greatly enhances their performance, relationships between colleagues and the atmosphere in the office. Moreover, better decisions result from a work environment where the concept of collective intelligence is implemented and where the leader adopts a hands-on and democratic attitude.

Of course, implementing this new concept in your workplace may take time and should not be rushed. In the end, though, the benefits are certainly worth it.

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